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Detec Next Enterprise Connect

Connection of Detec Next Server or Detec v.12 Server to Enterprise and conversion of Detec Next Server/License Key to Detec Next Enterprise with the introduction of first connection
Detec Next Enterprise is a central management system intended for connecting multiple Detec Next servers or Detec v.12 servers to multiple clients in a guarded central control room environment. From the Detec Next Enterprise interface, you can edit system settings for locations remotely, and you can set up the centralized guard clients with settings independent from local on-site settings.

Key Features

• Central Management System for multiple Detec Next Servers
• Creation of camera lists, maps, split views, command buttons, and alarm schedules independent from local Detec Next Servers
• Full flexibility in terms of licenses you want to add directly to Detec Next Enterprise – in addition to connecting Detec Next servers, you can connect cameras, IP based modules, 3rd party systems, and clients, meaning that you can combine both indirect and direct control of modules at local sites
• Central access to configuration settings on local Detec Next Servers
• Take control over I/O and PTZ functionality centrally on local Detec Next and Detec v12 Servers
• With a minimum of two Detec Next Servers centrally you can mirror configuration settings between them
• Add multiple clients to Detec Next Enterprise to build up a central control room environment with users and user groups operating independently from local users and user groups.

System Description

Detec Next Enterprise requires three types of licenses to build a system. First, you will need one Detec Next Software license key to control what licenses you got on the Detec Next Enterprise Server. Second, you need a Detec Next Enterprise Connect license, connecting either a local Detec Next Server or a Detec v.12 Server, for each geographic location to a central Detec Next Enterprise solution. Third, you need a number of client licenses in order to build the central control room the way you want (one license per monitor).
Detec Next Enterprise Connect is compatible with the Detec Next Server licenses, which are Detec Next Storage and Detec Record HD. An unlimited number of remote sites can connect to one central Detec Next Enterprise system, limited by the server’s performance. Detec Next Enterprise Servers can again connect to each other in one system. 
Detec Next Enterprise Server provides centralized management and the same benefits as a regular Detec Next Server – in principle it is the same as a Detec Next Server, but with a function supporting connection to Detec Next and Detec v12 Servers. (In near future, Detec Next Enterprise will support other NVR brands too.) With a Detec Next Enterprise license key, you can connect an unlimited number of Detec Next Servers, Detec v.12 Servers, cameras and clients. Furthermore, you can add 3rd party systems using Detec Next SDK and integration tools. Hence, Detec Next Enterprise is a cost-effective solution for both connecting multiple sites now and for the future as your system grows.
With Detec Next Enterprise, you will get the possibility to create centralized and customized camera lists, maps, split views, command buttons, alarm schedules, users, user groups, and to extract user logs across multiple Detec Next Servers. All these settings are independent from the settings you have locally. This means that a central control room, e.g. run by a third party security center, can name cameras, maps and split views differently than the customer. At complex sites with diversified user groups, you can also add multiple Detec Next Enterprise Servers, e.g. at an airport with guard company, police, customs, property management company and retailers. If you have more than one Detec Next Enterprise Server, you also get to mirror configuration settings between them, in order to get a level of redundancy. 
When connecting to a Detec Next Server you will get remote access to configuration settings, such as its modules, video storage, data storage, archive database etc.
The client licenses you need to build a Detec Next Enterprise system is the same as with any Detec Next system, presenting you with the same advantages. There are a few differences in regards to what you can control, as can be seen from the “Detec Next Enterprise Client and Detec Next Client Comparison Chart”. There is one license per monitor. If you want to obtain a fully featured monitor matrix in a control center, you should consider at least four client licenses.
There are some differences between Detec Next Enterprise and connection of multiple Detec Next Servers through client(s), as can be seen from «Detec Next Enterprise and Detec Next Client Comparison Chart» in the Detec Next Enterprise Brochure.